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The Lost Souls Club Story

L o s t S o u l s C l u b is clothing to make you feel good about yourself. Comfortable, well made items designed for everyday people and their ever changing lifestyles.

Welcome to a community of fellow puzzled human beings.

There is so much pressure and expectations within society to focus on a career; to buy a house; to get married; to start reproducing, and here, at Lost Souls Club, we quite honestly, think it's wrong. Following convention is mind boggling to us. Our generation, the 'millennials' as we've become known, are surrounded by opportunities to travel, explore and see the world. Everyone is different. We're here as a way of saying it's okay to not have your entire life mapped out; to not want to follow convention; to just doing your own thing at your own pace.

To the rest of the world, we are lost. To us, we're just still discovering.

Make mistakes. Try things. Do the sh*t you want to do.

Enjoy the journey. Let love and happiness prevail.

Be lost.